Are you looking for digital asset management?

AssetStack® is the most complete cloud-based asset management platform in the market that enables easy handling and storage of all assets’ lifecycle information, operations, and activities in one unique place.


Your company’s memory 

✓    EASY AND SECURE ACCESS: Get instant access to all your data from one unique platform 

✓    OPTIMIZE TASK SCHEDULING & PERFORMANCEPlan, schedule and predict maintenance of assets 

✓    REDUCE TIME TO ACTIONLet people know what to do, when and how, optimizing the reaction-time

✓    OPTIMIZE AND VALUE YOUR ROIRecapture loss of yields, reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair and prevent energy losses



Meet US - Assetstack

Take care of your assets and they will reward you 

Plan, schedule and assign work orders for greater control over maintenance processes.

AssetStack® makes the job for you creating entities and custom workflows, assigning tickets, helping to centralize and secure the data, track all changes, save time and boost your overall team productivity. 

Why do our clients choose AssetStack®?


In our daily work, we have many legal obligations and duties to fulfill. If we do not satisfy that, the consequences could be fatal. With AssetStack® I’ve stated out that we will ultimately save money by saving worktime, such a good deal! 

Richard Distl –Managing Director & Head of Technical Operations at ImWind Technik GmbH

Plan, track and predict maintenance operations, schedule activities, monitor field technicians, check stock levels, increase assets’ health and efficiency

Do you want to scale-up your business? 

 Unlock the true power of data, gain full control of your assets and optimize the performance and security of your power plants.