How to adress issues before they hit you?



Business Value Monitor™ is the 24/7 hi-tech bodyguard that looks after the KPIs that really matter in your business.

Performed by an expert team of senior engineers, the aim of the service is to keep our customers’ systems highly efficient and highly available, continuously monitoring data and KPIs reflecting business ultimate value.

Business Value Monitor™

24×7 IT&ICT Infrastructure Monitoring & Customer Support 

✓    OFFLOAD CROSS-CUTTING CONCERNS: Make informed decisions and save overall costs. 

✓    EFFICIENT RESOURCES ALLOCATION: Identify failure points & analyse the root cause, selecting and monitoring appropriate KPIs to allocate resources efficiently. 

✓    SUPPORT BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Keep your systems constantly updated mainteining the highest security level.


Meet US - BVM

A digital bodyguard at your service

Our Business Value Monitor is able to avoid disruptive operations, make informed decisions and save overall costs, providing proactive infrastructure diagnostics which create a concrete value for the customer 

Why do our clients choose Business Value Monitor™?


“This robust solution will be a catalyst to intermittency management which emanates from renewable energy sources.  Furthermore, it will help NamPower to optimize the available energy sources which may culminate into reduced cost of electricity to our customers” 
(Paulina Iyambo, Senior Manager Energy Trading at NamPower) 

Efficient resources allocation 

With BVM what matters the most for your business is proactively being taken care of and issues are addressed before they hit you.