One platform to
future-proof your energy production

Our Energy Management System it is capable to orchestrate the overall production of energy controlling each individual power plant to reach the goal of producing the desired output, regardless of the specific meteorological conditions, solving the problem of the uncontrollability of renewable energy.  



BaxEnergy offers you a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution that grows with your business ranging from field-level energy data aggregation to grid-wide energy analysis at the management level. 


Future-proofing your production

✓    SCALABILITY: Scalable from few generation units to a GW scale smart grid. Get ready for the future: our EMS grows with your business 

✓    INTEGRATED DATA FLOW: Take in account real-time measures and machines status, weather forecasts, market trading, grid criticalities, maintenance operations, off-takers demand. Provide fast feedback to machines and operators.  

✓    EFFICIENCY: Define an energy management optimization policy, mitigate shortfall risks. Analyze consumption data, identify potential energy savings and gain a long-term boost to efficiency and productivity. 


Meet US - EMS
EMS - Energy management system

Our EMS works as an intelligent central brain capable of taking effective decisions on how to utilize energy to your advantage. This cloud-edge approach combined with the concept of a universal data engine ensures to automatically optimize energy production without any manual intervention from the operator. 

Furthermore, thanks to the technology that we can integrate, we have envisioned innovative ways to protect the power plants against the risk of the latest cyberattacks, making the whole grid infrastructure more resilient. 

Why do our clients choose Energy Management System?


“EMS is the technology which can optimize energy production automatically, avoiding human errors” 
(Atul Raaizada, Chief Operation Officer at Virescent) 

Integrated and adaptable to changing needs!  

Plan and control multi-technology, multi-vector, local and virtual, integrated energy systems with ease from a single platform.