Are your power plants living up to expectations? 

Energy Studio Pro® allows you to analyze real time and historical data, identify potential energy savings, balance and optimize power consumption and costs, giving a long-term boost to efficiency and productivity. 


Discover Energy Studio Pro®

Energy Studio Pro® is an intelligent software platform for the monitoring and remote control of cross-technology and cross-manufacturer power plants. Our solution enables you to access and monitor data from any type of technology including wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, H2 and combined cycle power plants. 


One Platform for All Technologies 

Be always  

✓    INDIPENDENT: stop being tied to OEM, EPC contractors and service providers

✓    ON QUALITY: Build your own customized alarm rules and reports, extend OEM capabilities and get real-time and historical data from all assets leveraging existing infrastructure 

✓    ON TIME & ON BUDGET: made key ROI measurable and under control all the time and diagnose production losses and recapture lost yield 

✓    CONNECTED: Add more data feeds and connect to corporate systems via APIs and SDKs. Scale up from few hundreds MW to thousand powerplants of various types



Meet US - ESP

A built-to-need solution for improved energy management

ESP Key Features

Experience the next level of energy management

Why do our clients choose Energy Studio Pro®?


“The beauty of the software is that it is entirely customizable. If you have the resources internally, BaxEnergy will train you to do the customization and if you don’t have them Bax can do the customization for you.”
(Brian Mullen, Head of Operations & Assets Management at Energia Ireland)

Do you want to scale-up your business? 

 Gain full control of production, keep an eye on any asset of the portfolio and push a button to stop and start an entire farm across the ocean.