Are you maximizing your performance and yield? 

WiSNAM Power Plant Controller ensure better stability and high performance of your PV plant thanks to a fast and smart data collection system. Designed to offer a flexible, performing and reliable solution for energy management in PV plants.  

Power Plant Controller

Better data, smarter plant

✓   ACCESS DATA FOR THE ENTIRE ASSETS’ LIFECYCLE: all your data always available in realtime in a web-based platform, accessible from desktop and mobile

✓   REDUCE COSTS, MAXIMIZE REVENUE: guarantee the delivery of a fixed amount of energy by leveraging intermittent resources and eliminating energy waste 

✓    BETTER PERFORMANCE AND PROFITABILITY OF YOUR GRID: detect all network parameters during operations to optimize KPIs and ROI 


Meet US - PPC


Our Power Plant Controller has been designed to be customized for every plant around the world, guaranteeing high scalability from small-medium to large-scale applications. 

Why our clients choose Power Plant Controller? 


“Nam Power is delighted to embark on this journey with BaxEnergy. This robust solution will be a catalyst to intermittency management which emanates from renewable energy sources.  Furthermore, it will help NamPower to optimize the available energy sources which may culminate into reduced costs of electricity to our customers” 
(PAULINA IYAMBO, Senior Manager Energy Trading at NamPower) 

Futureproof technology designed by data-driven innovation

Gain a Power Plant Controller which supports national and international grid codes, thereby providing grid-compliant power to medium and high voltage photovoltaic systems worldwide.