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Acireale/Catania, February 2018: The Vice-President of the Italian Deputies’ Chamber, Mr. Luigi Di Maio met BaxEnergy and the dynamic reality of Free Mind Foundry

BaxEnergy and Free Mind Foundry (FMF), the hub where ideas become reality, are raising significant attention and interest across the institutional, academic and social environments, both at local and national level.

Innovation and collaboration go hand in hand in this technological campus, which is populated with many digital companies specialized in different fields of cutting-edge technologies, both software & hardware, IoT & Big Data, renewable energy management, computer graphics & gaming, cloud computing and machine learning.

After only six months from its opening, Free Mind Foundry has already hosted important events, conferences and workshops addressing the largest public, from kids and young talents to start-uppers, entrepreneurs and managers. But, above all, the innovation hub has become a synergic place that fosters dialogue and initiatives among everyone embraces the digital transformation and wants to build a new sustainable economy for our country.

In the recent weeks, many academic members have visited the innovation hub, such as the Dean of Catania University, researchers and professors, moved by the aim to implementing new educational and development programs that enable a stronger university-industry interaction. Stimulating technological curiosity, entrepreneurial mind-sets, transversal skills and creativity are the core of the collaboration born between Free Mind Foundry and the academic world. 

Relevant Italian political institutions have paid attention to the positive changes driven by FMF, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the National Labour Commission that consider the campus as a valuable bridge between the new challenges of the Industry 4.0 and technological developments.

Also, the Vice-President of the Italian Deputies’ Chamber, Mr. Luigi Di Maio has met the dynamic reality of Free Mind Foundry. During his visit at the Innovation Hub, he has highlighted the importance to support this kind of campus with accelerator programmes that help entrepreneurs to develop and grow their ideas and projects. As remarked by Mr. Di Maio, this is possible by cultivating a culture of collaboration between innovators, academics and institutions so to create a solid network that spreads knowledge, delivers tangible results and drives future growth.

“We are delighted to receive such growing attention and interest at many institutional levels. In a future that is clearly digital, our innovation hub will continue to work side-by-side with public and private actors in collaborative innovation journeys in order to identify and anticipate game-changing solutions, market and technology trends, along with crucial partnership with Schools and Universities to widespread such a culture and technicalities to face new competencies’ demand”, proudly affirms Dr. Eng. Simone Massaro, Co-founder of Free Mind Foundry and CEO of BaxEnergy.

About Free Mind Foundry

Free Mind Foundry is an inspiring place where Community, Collaboration, Sustainability and Innovation come together and young, talented and passionate people join forces to make new ideas come true. Graduates, start-uppers, academics, entrepreneurs and managers stand side-by-side, exchange their vision of the future, anticipating new trends in the Industry and seizing opportunities for new businesses. For additional information about the innovation hub and service offers, please visit: https://www.freemindfoundry.com

About BaxEnergy

BaxEnergy is dedicated to deliver innovative turnkey solutions to renewable energy players for complete visualization, data analysis and optimization of their power plants. The aim of the company is to make renewable energy easier, more efficient, affordable and secure, contributing to build a greener world for the benefit of present and future generations. BaxEnergy was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with offices in Italy, Portugal and South Africa. For additional information about the company and service offers, please visit: www.baxenergy.com

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