Leading Irish utility to pilot BaxEnergy innovative solution

Ireland, June 2020

ESB – Ireland’s leading utility – is to pilot BaxEnergy’s intelligent platform with three of its wind farms.

BaxEnergy’s Energy Studio Pro® will provide plant performance analytics, an enhanced decision-making process and enable upcoming activities in the power plant, such as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance thus optimizing capture loss and boosting the overall power plants productivity.

ESB operates in the production, sale and supply of renewable energy with a portfolio of renewable generation assets across the island of Ireland and the UK.

Mirroring the Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan to generate 70% of the country’s electricity supply from renewable sources by 2030, ESB continues to develop its generation renewable asset portfolio. This includes the construction of the country’s second biggest wind farm and ESB’s largest, Grousemount, in Co Kerry at 114MW. This project is scheduled for completion in the coming months.

Ireland’s position on the edge of the Atlantic offers a unique opportunity to harness the power of the wind.  A recent example of the great potential of Irish renewable energy can be seen in the following figure:

For the first five months of 2020, wind generation was 21% higher than the same period in 2019 and on average supplied 40.6% of electricity demand. The figure itself demonstrates the untapped opportunities to be gleaned by embracing renewable energy.

“We strongly believe in the renewable energy market in Ireland and for this reason we have decided to invest in the country and we are delighted to have found a partner like ESB from whom we will learn a lot.”

Simone Massaro- BaxEnergy CEO

“New technologies and collaboration with companies such as BaxEnergy’s is critical to helping us lead the transition to a low carbon future. ESB is delighted to work with BaxEnergy on this pilot project and the benefits it will bring to our organisation”

Paul Coleman- ESB Wind Operations Performance Manage

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