Leonidas and BaxEnergy to optimize wind farm production in France

Headquartered in France, Leonidas Wind SARL is a Technical Asset Manager and O&M Service Provider specialized in wind energy. Since 2005, Leonidas – via its different companies – has facilitated the acquisition, construction and operation of photovoltaic and wind farms located mainly in France.

Leonidas is an initiator of sustainable investments and works with experienced partners to guarantee the quality and profitability of the energy generation systems during the entire operating phase.  Currently, it manages solar and wind plants with a total generation capacity of 240 MW.

Optimizing wind production through ESP®

To support its growth strategy, Leonidas Wind decided to procure a second level SCADA and Remote Control system for their multi-manufacturers portfolio in France.

BaxEnergy will provide its cutting-edge software solutions, Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack®, to monitor and control three wind farms for a total of 41,2 MW. The solution will be hosted on Cloud and will allow Leonidas to store the master data of each power plant and generation unit configured in the system, as well as to obtain a detailed, real-time and historical based view of data coming from 17 turbines.

“Surely the most useful thing is the possibility to have several parks at the same time in the same interface,” says Sophie Tröschel, Managing Director of Leonidas Wind. In fact, one of the major benefits of implementing a second level SCADA is the possibility to monitor, analyze, report and control across a diverse fleet of turbines in a single interface.”

“The parks have standardized characteristics, so it is easier to compare them with each other,” adds Sophie Tröschel. In fact, the solution unifies data into common object models that allow to streamline analysis in a single interface” adds the Managing Director.

Maximizing O&M Efficiency through Remote Control

Advanced maintenance planning is always valuable, but it is vital during emergencies.

The option to safely postpone or eliminate a planned outage wouldn’t be possible without data-driven risk assessment and decision-making. Data from the plants will allow Leonidas to predict when issues may occur and adjust to a revised condition-based maintenance schedule.

With the implementation of Remote Control, the operators at Leonidas will be able to manually gain control of turbines through their smartphones, via browser or by importing plans from Excel documents. Moreover, the operators can create a list of halt expressions that will be evaluated continuously, giving the chance to automatically stop the turbines in particular circumstances.

From O&M to Asset Management

The operation and maintenance of power plants is complex and requires the coordination of decentralized activities performed by internal teams and external suppliers, as well as the exchange of documents. And, trivially, the more a company is expanding, the more documents will be handled. “One of our tasks is to take care of verifying the availability and penalties according to the manufacturers’ maintenance contracts” says Ms. Tröschel.

To keep up with its scale strategy, the French company will use BaxEnergy’s comprehensive asset management platform tailored to the unique requirement of managing multi-manufacturers wind farms. “Surely ESP® and AssetStack® allow us to easily detect errors specifically in the turbines and help us act promptly in our work” adds Sophie Tröschel.

By using Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack® combined, the company will have complementary tools at its disposal which allow to have a complete vision of what is going on in the assets both from a data analysis and an organizational point of view.

“With BaxEnergy, we have the chance to manage different parks in one solution, with the benefit of always having an overview of the wind farms’ production. Also, the solution helps us monitor and analyse the stops in the parks: this way, we spend less time on the verification of the good functionality of turbines and we can focus on other important operations” concludes Sarah Nataf, Co-Director of Leonidas Wind.