Memorable Free Mind Foundry Grand Opening Ceremony

Free Mind Foundry, the largest Innovation Hub of South Italy, opens its doors to a wide digital community

It is a new beginning for many digital companies and people that since the 17th of July started to meet and live together in the most technologically advanced Innovation Campus ever opened in our territory.

The Free Mind Foundry inauguration ceremony that took place in Acireale was very crowded and animated by unconventional moments, 400+ guests and local authorities, partners, customers, colleagues, guests and families of the employees.

cireale, Antonino Raspanti, Dr. Saverio Continella, Managing Director of Credito Siciliano and Deputy Manager of Credito Valtellinese, other local authorities, Representatives of our Partners and customers from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Austria and other countries, Professors from Universities of Catania and Messina.

“Our companies are made up of people. People with passion, great enthusiasm, with willingness to overcome obstacles, limits and geographical borders”, said Dr. Eng. Simone Massaro, adding “There is nothing more powerful than an idea and this place is exactly that. Free Mind Foundry represents that idea that grows from a small seed into a giant tree”.

The digital companies that have already joined the Innovation Hub are specialized in different sectors of cutting-edge technologies such as software, hardware, IoT and Big Data, renewable energy management, computer graphics & gaming, cloud computing and machine learning.

“It is fundamental recreating a people-centred work environment, and this Innovation Hub represents the ideal space in which international teams can reach their personal and professional growth”, declared His Excellency, the Bishop of Acireale, whishing all the best to this new community of young talents and visionaries.

“Lots of realities in Italy, in Sicily are digitally underdeveloped. This innovative project combines innovation and tradition and it is extremely important to us being part of it”, said Dr. Saverio Continella.

Following the conference, the inaugural punch through a paper wall replaced the traditional ribbon-cutting, officially starting the Innovation Hub’s tours!

The guests have been led through different areas in the Campus. During the guided tours, every single room was illustrated in all its details and equipment.

The entire project was realized in 45 days from design to realization. There are more than 500 sensors that have been designed, manufactured, installed within the same time. The Campus will host 7 companies for a total of 180 people by the end of the year.

The visit started with the presentation of the first interactive touch screen, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) located at the entrance of the office. Through the map displayed by the AI, it is possible identifying the seats still available, book desks, rooms, booths and discover where your team or the people that you are looking for are sitting. Thanks to the facial recognition feature, the AI is also able to detect and verify faces, age, gender and moods.

The tour continued guiding the guests from the BaxEnergy Brain, the Business Value Monitoring Center, through which our systems monitor 24/7 the power plants of our customers worldwide, to the Server Room, the beating heart of our office that controls the Monitoring Room and all of our systems operations.

Visitors had also the opportunity to discover the rest of the Hub, passing through the co-working space equipped with tailor made innovative desks, the IoT Lab, the Print Center, the Meet-up Rooms, the Gaming Room, the terrace, the Digital Gym and the inner Backyards.

The grand opening was concluded by a final toast in the Olives Courtyard and the groups shot, which together with the opening conference, the tours through the Campus and many unconventional moments made this inauguration the memorable opening ceremony of a promising reality.

“I always wanted to create a place to stimulate creativity and innovation. This was a dream of mine since I was young. Our Country, Italy, and especially Sicily, is reach of minds and now they have their place, their home. And many minds together reach what no single person can”, concluded Dr. Eng. Simone Massaro.


BaxEnergy is dedicated to deliver innovative turn-key solutions to renewable energy players for complete visualization, data analysis and optimization of their power plants. The Company combines extensive domain expertise with the latest cutting-edge technologies available in the market to develop the next generation asset management platforms Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack®. People in BaxEnergy put passion and enthusiasm in everything they do, working cooperatively in a group of peers and enhancing the skills and qualities of each other.


WiSNAM has more than 10 years of experience in electronic measures and sensor networks for renewables management, building management and of Industry. The Company relies on many strategic partnerships and operates with academic institutions as the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFS) for radiological applications. WiSNAM takes care of all the phases of design and development of large-scale industrial-grade data processing solutions which include both software and hardware design.

Digital Shell

Established by industry experts, Digital Shell is specialized in designing and developing high-quality software solutions for customers’ biggest digital challenges. Digital Shell creates and delivers highly scalable solutions for data visualization that are visually appealing, intuitive and easy to use for anyone. The Company’s core services are BigData and IoT solutions to handle large volume of distributed data, data visualization and mobility to empower users in remote working and the creation of open and flexible platform for large-scale data crunching and KPI calculation.
Rimlight Studios

Rimlight Studios specializes in designing and developing high-quality video games for console and PC. The Company’s mission is to create and deliver visually appealing games that can be played by anyone, providing good old-school fun. Rimlight Studios core services are building user Interface experience (UX, UI), optimizing contents for best performances, visual appealing design and building smoothest interactions between software & users.

Red Raion

Red Raion is the first virtual reality movie production studio in the industry of fun, for the most advanced motion theaters and simulators. The Company produces movies to make the audience feel the most intense thrills and emotions.

Stormind Games

Stormind Games develops games for PC and consoles. The team consists of experienced 3D artists, modelers, animators, game developers and graphic designers specialized in the production of CGI movies and videogames.


Intellisync is an IoT Company with a particular focus on BigData, artificial intelligence and mobile applications. The Company is specialised in software development by using next-gen technologies and methodologies.


FREE MIND FOUNDRY is an inspiring place where Community, Collaboration, Sustainability and Innovation come together and young, talented and passionate people join forces to make new ideas come true. Graduates, start-uppers, academics, entrepreneurs and managers stand side-by-side, exchange their vision of the future, anticipating new trends in the Industry and seizing opportunities for new businesses.