NamPower to Power Forecast its Grid with BaxEnergy’s solution

Windhoek, May 22nd 2020. NamPower, Namibia’s national power utility, has contracted BaxEnergy as a strategic partner to develop a forecasting system for all its renewable plants that are connected to the NamPower grid. Through this project, BaxEnergy will forecast the production of energy produced by all NamPower’s renewable plants.

BaxEnergy will provide an open platform which adapts to any circumstance, in this case focusing on electricity forecast in order to better balance NamPower’s energy grid. BaxEnergy’s cutting-edge solution combines both real-time and historical data from cross-technology power sources to forecast the expected market price and energy production, enabling to focus on decision making rather than information seeking, and to establish when scheduling and executing maintenance activities based on power and price forecast.

NamPower’s Electric Grid

“At BaxEnergy, we value the potential and importance that electricity has for socio-economic and technological development. With this agreement, BaxEnergy is committed to provide reliable and state-of-the-art-technology to support NamPower in making electricity readily available to Namibian households,” the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Simone Massaro said.

NamPower owns a world-class transmission system of 66 kV to 400 kV of overhead power lines spanning a distance of more than 11,700 kilometers powered by solar (PV), wind, coal-fired, diesel-driven and hydroelectric energy sources which makes it one of the longest networks of its kind in the world.

“NamPower is delighted to embark on this journey with BaxEnergy. This robust solution will be a catalyst to intermittencies management which emanates from renewable energy sources.  Furthermore, it will help NamPower to optimize the available energy sources which may culminate into reduced cost of electricity to our customers”, said NamPower’s Senior Manager Energy Trading, Paulina Iyambo.

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