New Energy at BaxEnergy

How a Book Can Show You the Way…

It was more or less fifteen years ago, and it was one of those typical cloudy and rainy days in rural Massachusetts. At the time, Simone Massaro, now CEO of BaxEnergy, was only a freshly hired junior developer who could barely speak the English sufficient to survive in a foreign country.
“I still have that day fixed in my mind…” he explained, genuinely pleased, to his development team “On top of a pile of books to read, I spot for the first time the name of Dino Esposìto on the front cover of a huge black tome of over 1Kg, entitled “Programming ASP.NET”.
Simone kept his head bent over the tome for the next few months and found a new position at the end of the tunnel. “This fellow second- or third-generation Italian Dino Esposito” he thought “in a way stepped my career up and, well, raised my potential.”

Dino Esposito was not a second- or third-generation American book writer.
Born in a beach-front small town on the East coast of Italy, Dino grew up professionally as the epitome of the “real” programmer, the one used to painfully go through blood and sweat while writing good code.
Whoever worked in the IT World since the mid-1990s could not miss the name of Dino Esposito printed on some programming books. His career is marked by memorable pages on popular publications such as the Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ), Microsoft Interactive developer (MIND) and, more recently, MSDN Magazine.
Since 2003 Dino has been the energetic voice of Microsoft Press to Web developers and the author of many popular books and courses on web development and software architecture. Whenever asked the reason why he decided to write about software development, he answers “I write because I love writing. And I write about software development because …It was love at first click!”.
Today Dino Esposito and Simone Massaro joined forces again. This time, however, it was because of a mutual decision, not simply a twist of the fate. But how did that happen?

BaxEnergy warmly welcomes Dino Esposito as Corporate Digital Strategist

“In our business” Simone Massaro, BaxEnergy CEO, explained “the most difficult thing is keeping the direction straight and constantly gain a clear picture of what you want to do. Not just you must be able to anticipate and exceed customers’ expectations but also to communicate goals and results to a wide audience not limited to engineers.” Therefore, BaxEnergy started looking for someone with the potential to raise the company’s potential all-round. “It had to be someone” Massaro continued “with rock-solid software skills, a top-notch architect and also someone with a strong reputation in the industry, and a great communicator.” It definitely looks like a profile that could be quite hard to find, but Massaro actually set the bar even higher. “We wanted a brand ambassador as well as a digital leader. And a fun person too.” And maybe even someone as volcanic as the Etna that shines out of the BaxEnergy’s headquarters in beautiful Sicily. “We have him now” Massaro confirmed. “Welcome Dino!”

Dino Esposito started working in the software industry at a time where the JPEG format didn’t even exist but despite all the team he was part of built something that today we would call iCloud or Google Photos. In 2018 Dino celebrates 25 years of career lived fearlessly on the cutting edge of technical writing, professional training and visionary consulting.

“Simply put” Dino said, “I want to help BaxEnergy exploring new territories in the core business as well as in software architecture and digital communication. BaxEnergy does lovely things, really lovely, but there’s no reason why those things couldn’t be improved further and communicated in an engaging and effective way. I’m here to turn the company’s potential into actual, vital energy.”

Sounds like a plan! Let the show begin then!

Dino Esposito, a software architect with a long experience on the Microsoft technology stack and a best-selling author with over 20 books and 500 articles published and 10000+ hours of training, is set to join BaxEnergy with the role of Digital Strategist.

Besides having a great technical background, Dino is able to abstract complex processes and software features in simple metaphors that turn into one-to-one conversations with the reader. Dino, as out of the box personality with a rich developer past, will drive the company efforts in software development, brand awareness and digital communication, bringing additional value to our company.

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