ÖKOENERGIE chose BaxEnergy’s solutions to contribute to Austrian Strategy for Sustainable Development

Since 1995, ÖKOENERGIE is a pioneering group in the field of renewable energies in Austria. The company provides project development, operational management, and the administration of ecological energy generation plants all over the country and beyond.

The company currently operates more than 98 plants over 13 Austrian locations, managing assets in Romania and Slovenia too, for a total output of more than 210MW. Moreover, ÖKOENERGIE’s experienced team manages all areas of field activities covering wind power, biomass, hydropower, photovoltaics as well as the sale of 100% green electricity.

Austria economic stimulus for renewable energy

ÖKOENERGIE’s growth strategy is being supported by initiatives undertaken by Austria to support companies during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the beginning of this year, the Austrian government agreed to pursue a consistent path towards digitalization and climate-neutrality. Key investments in climate action and a climate-friendly economy were defined as central pillars of the Austrian federal government’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package which emphasizes on the expansion of renewable energy, with the goal of generating 100 per-cent of the country’s electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. The economic stimulus will amount to 250m for the expansion of renewable energies and 750m for a renovation plan to switch to environment-friendly technologies.

19 wind power plants under control to contribute to Austrian sustainability

In order to fully monitor and control its geographically distributed wind assets, ÖKOENERGIE decided to procure  a second-level SCADA solution to structure processes and efficiently manage  asset operation and maintenance.

This is when BaxEnergy came into play. In fact, the company’s flexible asset management system allows to store the master data of each power plant and generation unit configured in the system. This enables ÖKOENERGIE’s team to obtain a detailed, real-time and historical based view of data coming from its 19 wind farms.

Moreover, as the number of assets grows, it becomes more and more complex to coordinate all the de-centralized activities performed by the various  teams, while avoiding losing important information for a modern pro-active driven asset management approach.  This is where owners, our asset management and other stake holders benefit from an integrated asset management platform.

Photo Courtesy of ÖKOENERGIE

EMS: an integrated edge-technology platform for energy storage and production control

The solution will grant ÖKOENERGIE a real-time asset monitoring from web client, tablets and smartphones.

The unified Human Machine Interface (HMI) will allow ÖKOENERGIE to work with all of their assets in one virtual place regardless of their technology or OEMs: thus, eliminating the necessity to learn how to work with multiple systems or to manually download data before processing them.

The Energy Management System is equipped with a GIS system capable of simultaneously visualizing real-time data from a large number of distributed assets showing the entire portfolio details without losing the big picture. In this way, ÖKOENERGIE operators will be able to drill-down to individual assets and power plants and get the information they need within a few seconds.

The Portfolio view allows to display up to 500 devices on each individual screen, keeping the entire portfolio under control.

At the same time, the Alarm Server and Alarm Viewer can be configured with custom alarm rules and KPIs that are not usually available by the interface of the wind turbine manufacturers, such as silent outages, maintenance, turbine inefficiency, power regulation and de-rating, and other events that would not be notified by the OEM or first level SCADA systems.

In short, BaxEnergy platform provides ÖKOENERGIE with a flexible system for monitoring asset performance data, thus saving time and boosting the overall productivity.

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