Energy Studio Pro®

One platform for all technologies

Energy Studio Pro® is the only turn-key solution available in the market for visualizing, analysing and optimizing power plants operations, across multiple technologies and manufacturers, all in one place.

With Energy Studio Pro® you can minimize energy losses and increase the overall efficiency of your assets maximizing the return on investment.

One system for your entire portfolio

BigData and IoT ready

Open & Configurable

Cloud & Mobile ready

Fully customisable SaaS / On Premise platform

Energy Studio Pro® Features

Energy Studio Pro Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Explore the full portfolio of geographically distributed assets zooming in and out to set the desired level of detail.
The GIS maps are overlaid by current meteorological data, weather forecasts and actual wind speed and radiation.

Power Forecast

Power Forecast and Energy Trading integrates data gathering, modelling and predictive analysis, continuously improved by machine learning technologies, in order to forecast energy production and improve O&M process.

Remote Control

Power Control

An independent dashboard enables to control all activities related to power control: start/stop commands, curtails and audit view. Advanced tools allow to schedule actions based on specific condition.

Energy Studio Pro Weather Forecast Map

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast module integrates with meteorological data in real-time and visualizes on-site weather conditions and weather forecast to take decisions on how to schedule upcoming activities.

Energy Studio Pro® alarms

Alarms & Remote Notifications

Energy Studio Pro® generates alarm rules to detect silent outages, shadow maintenances, turbine inefficiency, power regulation and derating, and other events that are not notified by the OEM or first-level SCADA system.

Energy Studio Pro® Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

Energy Studio Pro® dashboard makes available assets data in real-time and provides easy-to-use automated tools which allow to quickly calculate the most meaningful KPIs, as well as to prepare advanced reports with ease.

Energy Studio Pro Availability Analysis


With Energy Studio Pro® users can calculate Time-based and Energy-based Availability to monitor assets performance. Furthermore, it is possible to perform specific Availability calculations based on custom processes and criteria.

XY Analysis

Data Lab with XY analysis empowers data analyst to correlate measurements such as wind speed and gearbox temperature, calculate correlation and use linear and polynomial regressions that can proof extremely useful in the root cause analysis.

Energy Studio Pro Downtime Analysis

Downtime Analytics

Energy Studio Pro® helps users with the determination of Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) which can help monitor the performance of OEMs and independent service contractors.

Energy Studio Wind analysis

Wind Analysis

Energy Studio Pro® is equipped with a complete wind data analysis toolkit which utilizes the data coming from the met mast, wind turbines or Lidar systems, generating analysis based on wind speed and direction.

Energy Studio Pro Power Curve

Power Curve Analysis

Power Curve Studio calculates power curves instantaneously, verifying wind turbine performances over a period of time, and compares them with different wind turbines applying the same or different time range and other advanced filters.

Energy Studio Pro® SCADA with editor

SCADA with Editor

Energy Studio Pro® is equipped with a fully configurable SCADA system to visualize generation units and substations in multiple custom screens designed according to customer’s need and control room conventions.

Energy Studio Pro Events Management

Events Management

Events Management manages events collected from the devices in a controllable and customizable way, defining KPI calculation with a high degree of customization to best-fit any different, specific process.

Energy Studio Pro® Portfolio Daschboards


Portfolio allows to view large portfolios at glance – up to 500 devices on a full HD screen – quickly identifying issues. It shows Real-Time status of your assets portfolio. Porfolio includes data such as Power Plants, WTGs/Inverters and statuses.

Energy Studio Pro Advanced PV Analysis

Advanced PV Map

The 3D Engine for PV allows 3D visualization of the power plants, enabling mobile monitoring functionalities and to perform remote control operations, such as open and close of the switches through a dedicated user interface.

Energy Studio Pro Ticketing System

Ticketing System

Users can open a ticket directly from GIS interface and being promptly notified of any issues through automatically generated work orders. All ticket state transitions are stored in an historical data flow.

Universal Data Engine

Energy Studio Pro® Universal Data Engine enables the interconnection to any type of technology – including wind, solar, hydro and geothermal – from any type of manufacturer and provides a unique data model that harmonizes all the data.

All data are synchronized automatically and made available in real-time within fully customizable dashboards.

Energy Studio Pro® Universal Data Engine

Choose the best connection data strategy

BaxEnergy is the only company in the market that provides you an all-inclusive strategy that offers you on-site hardware & software solutions together with 24/7 technical support.

  • end-to-end direct connection capability
  • connection to any type of SCADA manufacturer
  • on top of centralised data collectors of third parties interfaces

Compatible with all manufacturers

Energy Studio Pro® is compatible with all leading hardware manufacturers and any communication protocols.

Design to serve different

Types of Customer

Multi-GW Utilities

Multi-GW utilities use local and global control rooms to unify a mixed portfolio of power plants in a single environment integrated with other corporate systems.

Power Plants

Independent Power Producers

IPPs have a single point of access to monitor real-time activities and manage operations to keep production  aligned with budgets, prices and overall objectives.

Wind Turbines

Investment & Pensions funds

Investment and Pension Funds outsource asset management to third parties and utilize our solution to oversee contractors performance and monitor investment.

Executive Dashboards

Designed to support

Different type of Users


Get insightful reports on real-time and historical performance of assets, results of applied data science algorithms and timely budget-related updates.

Business Man


Keep power plant efficiency to a maximum to recapture lost yields and scheduling maintenance and asset operations to minimize the impact on production.

Remote VR supervisor


Real-time access to the status and availability of all monitored  assets with notifications of failures and the ability to take action remotely from a mobile device.

Man at work with VR visor

Top 10 Reasons for Energy Studio Pro®

1. Unify under one roof all renewable technologies and OEMs
2. Get all data in real-time from your assets for their entire lifetime
3. Scale up from a single power plant to thousands ones of various types
4. Access data from anywhere at any time with HTML5 and mobile support
5. Become independent from the OEM, EPC contractors and service providers
6. Detect production losses and recapture lost yield with effective diagnostic tools
7. Build your own customized alarm rules to extend OEM capabilities
8. Turn your data into effective decisions via preconfigured and customized reports
9. Extend your system at any point in time with open connectors and SDKs
10. Measure and enhance ROI with a measurable overall impact

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