Renzi Meets BaxEnergy in Chile

Region of Antofagasta/Chile, October 2015: the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi flies to Chile to attend the inauguration of the first largest renewable pole of Enel Green Power (EGP), where is set-up BaxEnergy monitoring and control room, already supervising Taltal windfarm, Lalackama I and II photovoltaic power plants, Ollagüe hybrid facility and Cerro Pabellón geothermal power plant.

BaxEnergy Monitoring and Controlling Room implemented in Enel Green Power’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile. Image coutesy of Enel Green Power

During his State visit to Chile, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, together with the Chilean Energy Minister Máximo Pacheco and the CEO of Enel Group Francesco Starace, has inaugurated the Enel Green Power’s largest renewable energy pole located in the region of Antofagasta. In the Country, the company operates already a capacity of more than 500 MW, monitored with Energy Studio Pro®. BaxEnergy’s turn-key solution helps EGP to efficiently manage its mixed portfolio of power plants by gathering under one roof wind, solar, geo and hybrid technologies as well as storage solutions.

“We have inaugurated the first geothermal plant in Latin America alongside the Taltal wind farm, solar PV fields and a hybrid facility. It is from a pioneering investment like this, with a high technological content, that we can open new frontiers in the energy sector,” said Matteo Renzi at the inaugural speech defining Enel “as an important and strategic company in Latin America, with a leading role in the renewable energy in this area of the world”.

The Chilean branch of EGP is playing a crucial role in helping the Country to reach “a diversification of its energy mix, in line with the government objectives”, as remarked by the Company CEO Francesco Starace who emphasized that “the wealth of Chile in terms of natural resource together with the Country’s institutional and regulatory stability, fits perfectly with Enel Green Power’s cross-technology profile”.

The EGP’s renewable pole, considered a district of renewable excellence, today includes four operational power plants: the Taltal windfarm, composed of 33 wind turbines for a total of 99 MW nominal power, capable of generating up to 300 GWh per year; the Lalackama I and II solar PV power plants, the largest solar complex in Chile, able to produce approximately 210 GWh per year; the Ollagüe hybrid system, which integrates the solar and wind energy with a storage system, and the Cerro Pabellón geothermal power plant – the first in the whole Latin America. This green hub is keeping on growing thanks to the constructions of new power plants such as the Diego de Almagro and Chañares solar power plants in the Atacama region.

Since 2014, EGP Chile relies on BaxEnergy’s advanced technological solutions for controlling and analysing renewable energy data, which are collected and stored in a local control room (LCR) implemented in the company’s headquarters in Santiago. With Energy Studio Pro® platform acting as a central data hub, the company performs complete asset monitoring, reporting and analysis, supporting the decision making process. In fact, the local control room allows EGP’s whole team to realise powerful overviews across all power plants with full visibility of the service operations in real-time, optimizing resources and minimizing energy losses.

In addition to standard solutions based on easy-to-use human machine interface systems (HMI’s), BaxEnergy has equipped EGP’s renewable pole with highly innovative technologies such as: remote control to restart and reset the power plants in case of faults even via smartphones and tablet devices, battery storage and mini-grids to improve energy availability and provide cost-effective support for primary and secondary regulation minimizing environmental impacts.

With BaxEnergy’s flexibile and customizable solutions, Enel Green Power is certain to invest into the future: as the Company’s demands and the needs grow, so does Energy Studio Pro®. Thus, the collaboration between the two companies assumes a double value: while EGP appreciates BaxEnergy as a trustful partner with a dedicated team of experts, BaxEnergy sees EGP’s projects as stimulating challenges to develop innovative new technologies that enhance performance and extend the lifetime of renewable power plants.

Chile has set the ambitious goal to supply 25% of its electricity needs with clean energy by 2025, Enel Green Power and BaxEnergy will continue to support the Country by maintaining innovation and operational efficiency as a key driver for a sustainable and greener growth.


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