SL NaturEnergie eliminates downtimes

In Gladbeck, Energy Studio Pro® helps to bring the German Energiewende forward

Since 1996, SL NaturEnergie GmbH has projected wind and photovoltaic power plants with the goal to play an important role in making North Rhine-Westphalia a flagship location for renewable energy production. Today, SL NaturEnergie GmbH is not only operating 83 of its assets with Energy Studio Pro®, but is also offering a broad range of services: from projecting and financing to operating and landscaping. A closer look at the company reveals its corporate citizenship: the SL NaturEnergie foundation wants everyone to profit from renewable energy development. Even those that are not able to invest in it.

The challenge

For SL NaturEnergie GmbH, the turbine manufacturer systems only offered limited options to analyze and compare the wind turbines’ performance or site quality.

In addition, we needed a reliable solution that allows us to remotely control our wind turbines commissioned before 2009 says Dieter Braams, operator at SL NaturEnergie GmbH and adds: With the new solution, we wanted to top the availability guaranteed by the manufacturer.
But that was not the end – SL NaturEnergie GmbH expressed the desire to automate several processes to check wind turbine performance.

The decision

The company from Gladback, Germany attaches great importance to local partners and with BaxEnergy it saw the biggest potential to benefit from a power plant management system that is tailored to its demands.

Two candles lit with one flame notes Dieter Braams.

The solution

For SL NaturEnergie GmbH, Energy Studio Pro® was extended with a remote control function and custom workflows. An email or sms is now sent to certain operators automatically when yaw misalignment, power deviation or over temperature occurs.

In this way, we discover signs of an error early enough, so that we can maintain our assets before a problem arises explains Dieter Braams, who emphasizes the fast and good support from BaxEnergy. Every morning, the team of SL NaturEnergie checks the wind farms’ behaviour via mobile phone. If they discover an anomaly, they go directly to the affected turbine on their way to work, so that they do not lose valuable time.

The result

With Energy Studio Pro®, SL NaturEnergie GmhH has a complete overview of its assets, so that it is aware about the wind turbines’ conditions at any point in time, anywhere.

With the help of Energy Studio Pro®, our assets regularly reach an average availability of more than 99% remarks Klaus Schulze Langenhorst, Chief Executive officer and founder of SL NaturEnergie GmbH, who is proud to actively contribute to the German Energiewende. Until end of 2017, SL NaturEnergie GmbH wants to realize and integrate into Energy Studio Pro® another 41 wind turbines, with 118,7 Megawatts total.
BaxEnergy and SL NaturEnergie