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Data Registry Management

Free your mind with our cutting-edge predictive maintenance technology, ensuring your equipment is always running at optimal performance, avoiding costly downtime.

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AssetStack® is the most complete cloud-based platform in the market that enables easy handling and storage of all power plants’ lifecycle information, operations and activities in one unique place.

Centralize Data
in One Place

Store and handle all your assets’ data, documentation, work orders and contracts in one platform.

Designed for humans
Store all your company’s data in one place and give more value to your team, from executives to field technicians.

Contracts & Obligations
Manage on time contracts, supplier agreements, legal duties and deadlines.

Build Company Knowledge

Create a single repository of all policies and procedures operated within the company.

Data repository
Easily access, manage, and secure all crucial information in one place. 

Expirations Management
Manage warranties’ expirations and meet on time legal duties and expiry dates.

Warehouse Management
Keep track of warehouse stocks and plan new supplies’ orders based on recurring maintenance requirements.


Your Company’s Memory

Take care of you
renewable asset

Monitor the health of your assets, boost operations and efficiently react to any bottleneck.

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