Sunny prospects in Germany: Once again FRONTERIS Energie selects ESPX to monitor and control their PV Portfolio

After years of close and profitable collaboration in the wind power plants management started in 2016, we are proud to announce that our German partner and customer FRONTERIS Energie GmbH commissioned to BaxEnergy the monitoring and control of 92,75 MW of solar energy produced by their wide portfolio of photovoltaic assets distributed worldwide.

As part of the FRONTERIS Group, FRONTERIS Energie has been successfully active in the development, implementation and operational management of renewable energy plants in Bavaria for 20 years. The Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and the associated energy boom of the early 2000s made FRONTERIS one of the leading project developers for alternative energies such as wind farms, biogas plants and solar parks in Bavaria with tailwinds.

FRONTERIS Energie’s current portfolio has a capacity of over 330 MW – divided into the energy sources sun (+100 MW), wind (+100MW) and renewable raw materials – on the grid; an investment volume of around half a billion euros, including several implemented projects from the renewable energy sectors: solar, wind, biogas, combined heat and power plants, smart energy concepts for residential real estate.

The success of their projects is based on the great expertise in the development and implementation of both individual plants and large turnkey projects, providing regional concepts and locations for environmentally friendly energy production from wind, sun or biogas.

During the years, the German IPP has developed and implemented over 10,000 PV projects, extended from Italy, across the Chiemgau Alps to the Zugspitze. The very first project that gave life to the collaboration between BaxEnergy and FRONTERIS Energie was the Pentling solar plant, located in Bavaria, Regensburg district. The park went into operation in August 2021, reaching over time a total performance of 8.5 MW.

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Pentling solar park – Bavaria, Regensburg district

The solar park was built on an area of around 10 hectares and produces approx. 9 million kWh of electricity. This corresponds to the annual energy demand of about 6,000 people. Thus, the municipality of Pentling with its approximately 6,000 inhabitants could cover its annual energy needs with the help of this plant. Furthermore, this project has set up a test bench to evaluate the commissioning of a wider part of FRONTERIS’s portfolio, and its next potential integration now happened.

The integration of the four power plants of Neustadt, Riedenburg, Kirchenlamitz, Schrobenhausen into Energy Studio Pro X has given our customer the added value of monitor and control their cross-technology and cross-manufacturer power plants all-in-one place, optimizing their performance thanks to our open and flexible software platform, securing their assets management efficiency with a predictive approach. 

Mr. Stefan Lehner, General Manager of Fronteris Service GmbH declared: “After a synergic collaboration which has been lasting for years, our partnership with BaxEnergy is based on a mutual trust, and we had no doubts in selecting ESPX once again for the full lifecycle management of our solar portfolio, consisting of assets that will be operational and producing energy for the next 20 years. The advanced analytics allowed us to analyze and manage data efficiently, to prevent failures in a timely manner, facilitate the troubleshooting through recommended corrective actions aimed at reducing operational costs, improving assets’ health, performance, and production.”

We wish that it will be a successful sequel for future integrations to keep boosting sustainability on a global scale together.