Swisspower Renewables AG keeps optimizing processes thanks to AssetStack® integrated Asset Management Platform.

Swisspower Renewables AG to optimize scheduling and performance of more than 65 multi-technology power plants through the implementation of further AssetStack® licenses.

Partnering history

BaxEnergy and Swisspower Renewables AG have been collaborating since 2018, when the latter implemented ESP® and AssetStack® for 283MW. Over the years, relationships and businesses grew: in January 2019, Swisspower was the first company to get BaxEnergy’s flagship product Energy Studio Pro® as a service. Two years later, in January 2021, the Swiss company decided to implement even more AssetStack® licenses, for a current total of 32.

As many others in the market, some years ago, our vision was to transition from Investors to IPP. Today I’m enthusiastic about the wide opportunities offered by ESP® and Asset Stack® and about BaxEnergy’s professional support with the spirit to always find a proper solution” stated Lars Hieke, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board at Swisspower Renewables AG.

The decision

As strategic alliances and investments grew – from 2016 to 2019 Swisspower indicatively acquired 32 multi-technology (wind & hydro) Italy-based power plants – the Swiss company saw the challenges that growth would bring as projects accelerated and diversified, predicting that adding new headcount for every project or asset would eventually strain productivity.

With scale growth, correct operations and maintenance of power plants turns increasingly complex and requires the coordination of decentralized activities performed by internal teams and external suppliers as well as the exchange of heterogeneous documents.

In these cases, an asset management solution such as AssetStack® allows to easily manage and store power plants’ lifecycle information, operations and activities in one unique place and with a customized approach, boosting the overall productivity.


Based on Cloud technologies, AssetStack® allows to design, execute and speed up business process activities across all departments of the organization. The asset management platform also provides the infrastructure to create entities, data forms and custom workflows helping to centralize and secure the data, track all changes, save time and optimize processes.

I‘m going to implement ESP® and AssetStack® as a central tool for our Operations” concluded Lars Hieke.

About Swisspower

Swisspower Renewables AG was established in 2011 by Swiss municipal utility companies to invest in renewable energy production facilities. The company focuses on onshore wind power and hydropower projects in Central Europe.

Swisspower Renewables AG currently operates 39 hydropower plants and 26 wind farms in Italy and in Germany. Every year, these power plants produce around 650 GWh of electricity from renewable sources. Their production capacity is equivalent to the average electricity consumption of about 140.000 Swiss households.


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