UK Calling: BaxEnergy to Expand in Northern Europe

In the past couple of years, UK smashed record after record and is now leading the race to clean energy throughout Europe.

UK is not just rolling out an impressive number of renewable energy projects, but also reducing fossil-fueled power plants at an amazing rate. New offshore wind power stations brought more than 2GW of capacity online in the course of 2018, including Walney Extension—the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea, just off the northwest coast of England. The landscape for 2019 is even better. The Beatrice project in Moray Firth is set to bring nearly 600MW of new power online and construction is undergoing for over 700MW of the East Anglia ONE project not to mention the giant 1.2GW Hornsea Project One off the Yorkshire coast. Albeit latter two projects are slated to become fully operational only in 2020, the feeling that UK is quite hot in the renewable energy industry is very strong. Furthermore, Ireland has over 3GW of installed wind capacity and 40% of the entire country’s energy will come from renewable sources by 2020.

Could a software company that owns an open development platform specifically designed for the renewables industry disregard such a market?

“No, we couldn’t take this longer” Simone MassaroBaxEnergy CEO, said and then continued. “In a decade, offshore wind could be generating more than a third of the UK’s entire electricity needs and have some 30GW up and running. We matured a significant domain knowledge, and learnt a lot of offshore best practices when we designed and built the monitoring hardware and software infrastructure for the 400MW Global Tech I wind farm in the North Sea. We have a lot to offer in terms of IT solutions for wind monitoring and control to increase effectiveness and safety of operations while reducing production losses and downtime.”

BaxEnergy Chief Growth Officer Luciano Russo welcomes Barry Gavin, new Business Development Partner in UK and Ireland

Could an industry expert with over 18 years of experience in the energy sector, and founding shareholder of Gaelectric, disregard such a ramping-up IT company willing to expand in UK? Holding senior executive positions, Barry Gavin managed to bring Gaelectric out of Ireland in UK and USA. Quite strategically, Barry Gavin also led to the establishment of the Gaelectric’s energy trading team.
As a result, BaxEnergy appointed Barry Gavin as the Business Development Partner in UK and Ireland with the declared goal of expanding operations in Northern Europe and offering innovative services such as Demand/Response and monitoring of charging stations for electrical vehicles.

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to work with Simone and the team at BaxEnergy.” Gavin commented “Based on my own experience of managing a large portfolio of RE assets, I believe that BaxEnergy has developed a software platform and approach that will add real value to any asset owner. In particular, the platform’s ability to incorporate all classes of generation under one umbrella platform, coupled with its accessibility, scalability and the flexibility to customise and tailor to customer needs, is what sets this solution apart from competitors.”

To sign off the agreement, Massaro concluded “Barry will bring value to our business presenting our solutions to a wide range of new customers in a strongly growing market and, moving forward, in developing and transforming new ideas into concrete innovation.”

About BaxEnergy
BaxEnergy develops turnkey solutions for monitoring the whole process of power production from renewable sources and across multiple technologies and manufacturers. The company has reached a monitoring portfolio of 85+ GW of renewable energy worldwide. BaxEnergy was founded in 2010 and has offices in Italy, Portugal and South Africa.
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