WindLandKraft will take advantage of BaxEnergy’s asset management platform to maximize wind production in Austria

To underpin its economy of scale and drive maximum value from its assets, Austrian WindLandKraft choose BaxEnergy’s Asset Management Platform to monitor and control almost 108 MW of wind power.

Optimizing production through Energy Studio Pro®

BaxEnergy will provide WindLandKraft with a comprehensive software solution to monitor and control its wind power plants. The solution is designed to optimize assets performance, reducing the amount of work and downtimes, detecting and predicting failures.

The platform will close the loop between asset performance data and issue resolution by linking operational events to work orders, inventory and contracts for smarter dispatch, repair and reporting.

The solution will also be customized to meet WindLandKraft’s operational needs: as the Austrian company receives wind speed forecasts from its supplier, BaxEnergy will implement an e-mail parsing solution to import the forecast data directly into the platform, thus automatizing and speeding operational functions.

Reports and customization to maximize productivity

Maintenance Reporting System made easy

As WindLandKraft relies on multi-manufacturer turbines for its wind parks, the company needs to uniform data coming from the diverse windmills and visualize it in a coherent and homogeneous way.

Thanks to Energy Studio Pro®, WindLandKraft will be able to do just what it needs to save time and boost productivity: storing all power plants lifecycle information, unifying under a single comprehensive system all the data originating from different systems.

Through Energy Studio Pro®, the Austrian company will thus benefit of an open and flexible infrastructure which will allow to create entities, data forms and workflows, helping centralize and secure the data coming from different wind turbines.

Customized reports for any necessity

Going from macro-overviews to micro details means having everything under control and being able to intervene as soon as necessary.

For this reason, it was necessary for WindLandKraft to have customized reportswhich enable a flexible visualization of data, depending on its necessities, such as: visualization of the entire portfolio or just selected parks, weekly and monthly production reports, availability reports, mean time to failure (MTTF), time to repair(MTTR) reports. Through BaxEnergy’s top-tier platform, WindLandKraft will have the reports it needs and multiple calculation options for maximum precision.

A comprehensive asset management platform to optimize performance

Finally, the Austrian company will take advantage of BaxEnergy’s comprehensive asset management platform tailored to the unique requirement of managing multi-manufacturers wind farms. This will help to easily detect errors specifically in the turbines and help operators to act promptly.

By using Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack® combined, the company will have complementary tools at its disposal which allow to have a complete vision of what is going on in the assets both from a data analysis and an organizational point of view.

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